Energy Healer Seattle WA - Energy Healing Seattle WA

Are you experiencing physical, emotional, or spiritual distress? Do you want to feel more freedom, joy, and vitality?


My goal is to assist you to heal trauma, disengage from thought and behavior patterns that no longer serve you, and to help you to achieve clarity, wholeness and joy, and align with your soul’s purpose.

We live in transitional times. Many of us are sensing a pull from the Universe to heal and allow ourselves to come into more of who we truly are. I employ powerful energy modalities and Shamanism to help individuals heal and transform their current circumstances into a reality where they allow themselves to cultivate more self-love, intuition, wisdom, confidence, abundance and joy.

My abilities allow me to channel information about a client’s core issues and how to best clear the energies that keep them stuck in addictions, destructive relationship patterns, financial lack, and emotional turmoil and a myriad of other issues.

Heal and resolve addictions and destructive behavior patterns

Find more joy in your life

Facilitate a major life transformation

Clear depression, anxiety and stress, and balance the mind, body and spirit

Heal past traumas and emotional wounds held in the body

Unleash your body's own capacity to heal itself

Heal the effects of sexual abuse and other traumatic events

Heal chronic physical and emotional sickness








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