What is Therapeutic Acupressure?

Acupressure itself is an ancient healing art, developed in Asia over 5,000 years ago. It uses the fingers to gradually press key healing points, which stimulate the body’s natural self-healing abilities.

Energy flow governs well-being in people and animals alike. Within all living animals are meridian pathways. These life-force channels (meridians) govern the functions of all body systems, such as the nervous, digestive, endocrine, vascular, lymphatic, and reproductive systems. The way energy flows through the meridians, presides over wellness or dis-ease. Meridian blockages can cause all kinds of human suffering. However, when the life force (chi) flows through the meridians in a balanced way, health, harmony, and happiness result.

Therapeutic Acupressure uses non-invasive therapeutic touch to facilitate the restoration of overall balance, harmony and wellness to the body-mind-spirit. It will bring your body back into balance and allow it to heal itself. When this flow of energy is interrupted, an imbalance occurs and disease and discomfort manifest in certain areas of the body. Through the application of Therapeutic Acupressure, these channels are reopened, allowing the life force (chi) energy to flow, restoring balance and wellness to the body.

There are so many things in our lives that cause imbalance, with stress being the biggest offender. Stress can cause dis-ease in the body, resulting in such ailments as back pain, anxiety, joint pain, nausea, headaches, etc; and may work its way up to cancer or heart disease to name a few. Therapeutic Acupressure can minimize the side effects of chemotherapy and other cancer treatments and has helped to speed up the healing process of broken bones, surgeries and colds. It is also a great way to prevent illness and to keep your body, mind and spirit in a state of optimal health.

What can I expect from my first session?

The first session may take approximately 90-120 minutes and will include a obtaining a health history, an overview of the modality and a Therapeutic Acupressure session. During this session, you will lie on a massage table fully clothed while the practitioner applies light to moderate pressure on 50 sequential point combinations in order to open blocked points and allow your energy to flow along the meridians to the affected areas. This process facilitates the body’s natural healing process. Throughout the session you may feel nothing at all, or you may feel relaxed, tingling, pulsing or itching.

How many Therapeutic Acupressure sessions will I need?

Healing the body takes time. It has taken many years for your body to accumulate the imbalance and dis-ease that is present and will take time to achieve balance.

We are all different and the healing process of your body, mind, spirit is very individual; therefore, the amount of sessions will vary to bring balance. Many clients feel a sense of release after the first session. From there we can determine an individualized program that is right for you.

Therapeutic Acupressure protocol recommends that sessions be received weekly for 3 sessions, bi-weekly for 3 sessions, and then monthly. This will put your mind, body, spirit into a state of harmony and balance and keep it there.

What is the investment in your wellness?

Initial Session

90-120 minutes (approximately). Session includes a health history, overview of the therapy, and your first session.

Single Session

60 minutes (approximately)

10 Session Package

(package does not include the initial session)